Our Mission

Canada and India enjoy a strategic partnership underpinned by Ministerial Dialogues on Foreign Policy, Trade and Investment, Finance and Energy. At the officials level, there are regular working groups that focus on counter-terrorism, security, agriculture and education. Other joint initiatives include an Audiovisual Co-production Agreement that allows producers to combine their creative, technical and financial resources to develop audiovisual co-productions that generate jobs and economic growth in both countries.

prime minister Message

14th Annual India Day Parade

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 14th annual India Day Parade, organized by the India Canada Organization.

On this occasion, we join together with our friends in India and our Indo-Canadian community to celebrate the 70th anniversary of India's independence. Our two nations have long enjoyed a close relationship based on the shared traditions of democracy and diversity. As we gather to celebrate India's Independence Day, we look forward to further deepen the ties between our nations and continue our strong collaboration on the important issues that affect our peoples.

Canada is so fortunate to prosper based on our great diversity. The countless contributions of our thriving Indo-Canadian community are a significant component in the building of our nation, and I am confident that we will continue to strengthen our multicultural fabric together.

Thank you to the organizers of this amazing event and to all of you who are in attendance today to celebrate Please accept my warmest welcome and best wishes for a happy Independence Day!

Chairman Message

Friends, As Chairman for the India Canada Organization, it gives me great pleasure to celebrate this year the 68th anniversary of India's Independence Day. This day also falls upon the Grand Desi Mela celebration.

India Canada Association and its volunteers made this day of joy possible and I wish to thank everyone who was a part of it. I know the community will come out in great numbers as we share our culture, heritage and history with all Montrealers and Canadians. Once again, all my warmest regards to the community!

Message du Chef de L'Organization Indie Canada M. Jagdish Chander

Cheres amies, Chers amis, Comme etant le Chef de l'Organisation Indie Canada, II me fera plaisir de celebrer cette annee le 68e anniversaire de l'independence de l'Inde. Cette journee s'inscrit egalement a la celebration Grand Desi Mela. L'organisation Indie Canada et ses benevoles ont fait de cette journee une veritable joie et je tiens a remercier toutes les personnes qui ont contribue a sa reussite. Je sais que la communaute va sortir en grand nombre, car nous parta-geons notre culture, notre patrimoine ainsi que notre histoire avec taus les Montrealaises et Montrealais et ainsi les Canadiens. Encore une fois, toutes mes salutations les plus chaleureuses a la communaute!

President Message

Dear friends, As this coming 17th of August 2016 marks 69th Anniversary of India's Independence Day Celebration, it gives me great pleasure, as your President, to celebrate our community's successes and achievements. India Canada Organization prides itself as being a pillar of strength in Montreal. Our involvements have portrayed the rich pride of our culture and have been embedded in Montreal and all over Canada. India Canada Organization symbolizes cultural aspirations while maintaining our heritage alive amongst our youth. Through language, activities and gatherings, we have managed to strengthen our ties in Montreal. I pride myself with the achievements of our community and I thank those who have made it possible. Finally, I would like to thank all the members of the community for their dedication and motivation in organizing this years festivities.

Message du president de l'Organisation Inde-Canada
M. Ajay Bhargava

Chores amies, Chers amis, le 17 Août prochain marque la 69e anniversaire de l'Independance de l'Inde . II me fait grand plaisir, en tant que president, de celebrer avec vous les reussites et les realisations de notre commnunaute. l'Organisation lnde-Canada est un pilier de force a Montreal. Notre culture a con-tribue grandement a la richesse de Ia metropole montrealaise ainsi que partout dans notre grand pays, le Canada. I' Oraganisation Inde- Canada est un symbole culturel tout en preservant notre patrimoine pour notre jeune generation, Par Ia langue, par les activites et les rencontres, nous avons reussi a ren-forcer nos liens a Montreal. Je suis fier des realisations de notre Communaute et je remercie ceux et celles qui ont rendu cela possible. Enfin, je tiens a remercier les organisateurs pour leur devouement et leur motivation dans l'organisation des festivites de cette annee.